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How does the Fronter content search work?

Fronter employs the open source Solr search engine for its content search. The following contains a brief summary of how the indexing works, and what kind of search results you should expect to see.

What is indexed

The following kinds of contents are indexed and thus captured by the search engine:

  • Contents in Archive/Resources regardless of whether the button is visible or not, on a par with access to contents to such tools. 
  • The contents of the following file types are indexed:
    • Fronter documents (the single user variant only if “Enable for comments” has been checked), Forum titles, Pages and articles (titles and content)
    • Web page contents (htm, html, xml)
    • Office documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, odt, ods)
    • Text files (txt, rtf, pdf)
    • Other (msg, key, numbers, pages, mbox)
  • For other file types, such as images, only the title and possible description are indexed.

New files and changes in file or folder access are reflected on the fly, but may take up to an hour depending on the size of the database.

What is not indexed

The following kinds of contents are not retrieved by the search:

  • contents in hidden folders (NB. the contents within hidden folders are not indexed for search at all)
  • contents to which you do not have access as per folder access customisation
  • contents of archive packages, such as ZIP or RAR (while the title of the package is indexed)
  • contents in files of a size exceeding 48 MB

Please note that you will only be given search results from rooms where you are enrolled as a member. This also applies to administrators, i.e. as an administrator you will not get any results from rooms in which you are not an explicitly enrolled member.

Search tips

  • You can use ‘*’ as a wild card, e.g. searching for “univers*” will return results such as “university” and “universe”.
  • To search for an exact phrase use quotes around the search term, e.g. the term “city of london” will prioritise exactly that phrase, giving it a higher rank in the results, instead of individual occurrences of the words.

The search field can be added to the top banner for easy access! Please contact your local Fronter support team to have this enabled.

Cannot find contents?

Under some circumstances it may seem like you do not find contents from a room, even though you are a member, and the other conditions described above are fulfilled. In such case, please re-trigger the indexing by closing the room for a few minutes and open it again. Within a short period of time, the contents should be found by the search.

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