Whitepaper – ILP and Goals Part 2: Teachers

This manual describes the ILP (Individual Learning Plan) and the Goals, a versatile suite of tools for evaluating students’ learning progress and planning further measures.

The ILP tool is useful in the planning of parent-teacher interviews and preparations of term reports. Home room teacher and subject teacher can make their assessments and reports, but the ILP can also be open for students and parents to comment.

The Goals can be evaluated within the ILP or be used as a standalone tool, e.g. for evaluating learning progress against the curriculum.

This manual describes how to set up and use Goals in a room, and how to set up and carry out evaluations in the ILP. This manual is the second half of two, where part one is mainly intended for administrators. The manual is ambitiously aiming for a full description of all features, which may seem a bit overwhelming, but there is no obligation to use them all. Goals and ILPs should be used to support the ongoing evaluations, assessments and communication with students (and parents) that you are already doing as a teacher.



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