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Integration Package

This package contains information describing IMS XML integration with Fronter.

You can download the XML integration software here.

Please note many MIS/SAS produce output as required by Fronter out of the box, so to determine whether this documentation is relevant for you, please liaise with your local Fronter representatives.

This documentation is written for a technical audience familiar with the MIS/SAS used at your institution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fronter uses an international widely acknowledged standard for integrating MIS data – refer to IMS Global best practice if you are unfamiliar with this standard.

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This package includes 8 files for setting up initial IMS XML integration to Fronter.

These files gives you the necessary information to allow you to create and maintain user information sync from the MIS system to Fronter using IMS Enterprise XML format.

XML files can be sent using variuos technologies – these are discussed on the interoperability document.

NOTE: In this package you will find a READ_ME file that explains the usage of content in this file.

By downloading the integration package, you agree to the following:

This package must not be seen as stand-alone package.

Integration support, setup fees, SLA’s and consultancy in any regards to any kind of integration are services that must be seperately purchased from fronter.

You must consult your Country Manager or regional sales office for pricing and agreements covering mentioned services, prior to filing any support calls.

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