Interpreting Ephorus results

The Ephorus plagiarism detection service reports any plagiarism found in the student submissions into the Fronter assignment application. In some cases the document is reported on as being a “duplicate”, while in some cases it reports 100% or less plagiarism.

The document is reported as being a duplicate in cases where the document is entirely the same, even if the title was changed. That is, a document submitted by the same or different students will be identified as duplicate. At the moment, there are no more detailed results available unfortunately, and you see an error message (“This file is not a part of any reply for this hand in”) when attempting to view the full Ephorus report. Please note this may also happen after the teacher has returned the work status back to draft, and the student resends the exactly same document.

On the other hand, the document is reported as being 100% plagiarism if the same document is submitted with very few changes. The more changes, the smaller the plagiarism result of course. Also quotes from other sources are picked up by Ephorus.

Note: The teacher must always interpret the results reported from Ephorus prior to taking any action based on those results.

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