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Information about the Newest version of the Fronter app

The latest version of the Fronter app is available in App store and Google play.

We love your feedback, and have now included the possibility to write directly to us from within the app. Your input is sent directly to the team working on the app. We are eagerly awaiting your comments!

In addition, we done a lot of fixes to improve the experience of the app. We hope you will appreciate these improvements:

  • Users can upload to My Documents on iOS 9
  • We have fixed the issue where the iOS app crashed for some users when they tapped on selected assignments in the notifications list.
  • Improved the way assignments are loaded in the work list.
  • Added spinners some places in the app.
  • On Android, students can access teacher uploaded assignment documents directly from the app.
  • On Android devices user can scroll on the detailed view of assignment (this was an issue on some Android devices).
  • Fixed the most reported crashes on Android.

Be sure to update to the latest version and send us your feedback!

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