The new support portal

On Wednesday, 29.06.2016, we switched to a new support portal and you as a Fronter administrator will get a new and modern way of creating and tracking tickets. Your normal support procedures will not change, just the look and feel of creating and checking tickets varies.

What do I need to do as a Fronter admin?

You access the support portal as you used to – from the Support tab in your Fronter building.

The first time you access the portal, you need to register an account. Go to Sign upĀ in the top right corner.

Enter all the required fields and click on Register.

You will get a verification email with an activation link. The email will have the sender itslearning Global Support. Once you have clicked the activation link and selected a password, your account is ready to use.

You can now start with creating tickets. Our new portal is pretty self-explanatory. You can also have a look at this tutorial to see how to create and track tickets.

Please note: In the beginning we will not have content for all sections, as for example Guide/FAQ or Bugs. We will populate them continuously.

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