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What do the error messages in the import error log mean?

This article outlines a list of common error messages produced by automatic user data imports. The error messages are under ongoing revision in order to make them as useful as possible, hence they are subject to change. Accordingly, this entry will updated once there are changes in the underlying messages.

Please see here for more information regarding where to access the error log.

Errors pertaining to retrieving the data files

Error message: Unable to fetch the data file with name pattern ‘folder/’
or: Fronter was unable to download an updated data set.
Explanation: Fronter could connect to the server but could not find the specific import file or files.

Error message: Unable to connect to FTP server.
Explanation: Connection to the server failed altogether.

Errors pertaining to users

Error message: CREATE USER: Username USERNAME exists, but not with importid IMPORTID and source IMPORTSOURCE – refusing to save this data
or: SEVERE IMS_Enterprise_Person::create (line xxx): The requested username USERNAME is not available for ID IMPORTID, another user owns it.
or: SEVERE IMS_Enterprise_Person::update (line xxx): The username ‘USERNAME’ was already given to another person, and cannot be given to this person with identifier ‘IMPORTID’ – skipping this XML element.
Explanation: The username is already taken by a user in the installation, but the importid and import source of that user does not match with that of the corresponding username in the most recent import file. This can also be due to the existing user being a manually created one. If the account is old, or has not been used yet, you can delete the existing user. In any other case, please change the existing user’s username and log a service request with Fronter to merge the two user accounts the following day after the import has created the new user.

Error message: ADD MEMBERSHIP, Person does not exist, can’t add this person to group.Importid:IMPORTID, GROUPID
or: SEVERE IMS_Enterprise_Membership::findMember (line xxx): Could not find member ‘IMPORTID’ to add to group ‘GROUPID’
Explanation: The import file is trying to add the user with importid IMPORTID to a group with GROUPID, but there is no such user to be found, either in the Fronter installation, or in the import file (i.e. the user is added to a group without first creating the user).

Error message: ERROR 2: PERSON, recstatus:1, Data missing in element, SOURCEDID, Importid:
Explanation: The import file is trying to create a user without an importid or a import source.

Error message: ERROR 2: MEMBER, recstatus:1, Importid missing in element, ID, Importid:MembershipID:GROUPID Memberid:
Explanation: The import file is trying to add a user into group with GROUPID but the user does not have an importid (cf. above).

Error message: SEVERE UasIdentities::isIdentityAdditionRequired (line 101): UPN collision for user IMPORTID with UPN UPN_STRING.
Explanation: There is another user (usually a duplicate of the same user) with the same UPN. This usually happens if the user was imported first with a temporary UPN or without UPN. Then the UPN was added, but two users were already created. This error usually does not effect the import, but can lead to errors in LDAP username updates.

Errors pertaining to groups

Error message: ADD MEMBERSHIP, Group GROUPID does not exist, can’t add this to Importid:IMPORTID
or: SEVERE IMS_Enterprise_Membership::findParent (line xxx): The group (GROUPID) specified in a membership could not be found.
Explanation: The import file is trying to add a user to a group with GROUPID, but this group is not defined in the import file.

Error message: SEVERE IMS_Enterprise_Group::save_to_db (line xxx): Unable to find the parent of group GROUPID
Explanation: The import file is trying to update the group with GROUPID but cannot find or create a parent node for it.

Error message: MEMBERSHIP, Group or room GROUPID does not exist, can’t add/remove member . Importid:IMPORTID
Explanation: The import file is trying to add or remove membership of user with IMPORTID in the group with GROUPID, but the group is either not imported (or it has been imported previously but deleted from Fronter).

Error message: doSQL, INSERT INTO tmp_found_memberships (groupid,personid) values (GROUPID, PERSONID). Importid:com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry ‘GROUPID-PERSONID’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
Explanation: This is an error when creating memberships. It usually happens if memberships has been declared more than once in the import file.

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