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What does the room copy include?

The room copy functionality, whether invoked in Admin, through the create new room screen or the start of year screen of imported rooms, as a general rule includes content created by the room owner, but not anything created by the students unless they have created or uploaded it in a normal resource folder. The following contains some tool specific examples:

  • Forum: only the initial opening contribution is copied, i.e. no forum contributions are copied
  • Assignment: assignments are copied, not the students’ contributions
  • Hand-in: only folders and assignments are copied, not the students’ contributions
  • News: blank tool is copied, i.e. no news items
  • Question Database: not copied
  • Messages from Room, calendar appointments: not copied
  • Folders: non-customised folders and folders with customisation depending on room rights are copied, i.e. individual student folders are not copied
  • Pages, articles, lists: copied

Please note that while customised user-defined buttons, i.e. links in the left hand frame list, are copied, they are copied as such and will therefore point to the original location in the copied room even if they point to a resource within the same room.

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