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What is copied with a page?

When you create a page, Fronter automatically creates a hidden folder to store what you insert in that page: images, documents and so on. When copying a page to another room, you can choose whether to also copy such contents linked from the page. In most cases, this is exactly what you will want to do, to ensure the contents are available for users viewing the page in the other room.

In order to be able to copy the linked contents in the hidden folder together with the page, it suffices to select the page itself, and select Copy from the bottom of the screen. That is, you do not need to select the folder at all. Then, provided you wish to copy the linked content, remember to tick the checkbox for Copy all linked content to resource folder.

All content which are stored in the resource folder to the page will then be copied together with the page.

Contents stored outside the resource folder will be as follows:

  • If the page is copied to another folder within same room, the new page will link to the same content as the main page.
  • If the page is copied to another room, the copied page will have an empty container for content that were not located in the resource folder. For example, a page includes an article which is not stored in the resource folder. When the page is copied to another room, the copied page will contain an empty container with the button: “Click here to insert an article”.

The number and layout of containers will be the same as in the original regardless of the choices to retain the general looks of the page. Also lines and empty spaces are copied as such.

Dynamic contents, that is RSS feeds or room today elements such as Documents or News will not be copied.

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