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What options do I have for reading RSS from Fronter?

The general RSS feed URL is available on your Today page (top right), and it will display the information from containers on your current Today page that are supported in the RSS functionality.

Below are some additional tips on how to utilise the RSS feed.

To view the available containers, use the link 

with the correct installation. So for instance, to view only room messages, you can use a link of the form

You can also view several containers with a comma separated list. So for example, to view room messages, news and discussions, you can use a link of the form,5,19

The period of time for which information is to be displayed can be defined with ‘fromdate’ and ‘todate’. So for viewing all room messages since 1st January 2010 until 31st December 2010 you can use a link of the form

Note that you can leave out the ‘todate’ so as to display e.g. messages until the current date. 

To view RSS feed from a selected room, you have to find out the room id (e.g. through the Display all rooms list, right clicking on the room title). Then, append the RSS feed URL with ‘rooms=XXX’ where ‘XXX’ is the correct id. So the RSS URL may be of the following form

There can be several rooms, in which case use the comma as separator, without spaces (e.g. ‘…&rooms=ROOMID1,ROOMID2′). 

Viewing the RSS feed requires a valid username and password to the installation in question. An infofronter user however can be utilised in displaying RSS feeds without logging in. Please refer to the help section on how to setup an infofronter user. When you have one, the ‘user’ parameter can be appended to the RSS URL. So for instance, a link of the following form will display RSS feeds from the today page of an infofronter user ‘infouser’:

Please note this guidance is for reading Fronter RSS feed externally from Fronter. Apart from the scenario utilising an infofronter user, the RSS reader will need to support authentication. The Fronter RSS reader available on your Today page or any Fronter pages does not currently offer this feature.

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