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White page or error message returned for top admins

In large buildings with a large and complex structure tree and a lot of rooms, top level administrators may experience timeouts when trying to create new rooms from the room drop-down, or when viewing room tabs (archived rooms, public rooms and so on), or in the My portfolio tool or the Calendar. Instead of the expected result you will then get a white page, a forever spinning wheel or an error page ‘Oops, something went wrong’.

Workaround: For room creation, the best and fastest way for a top administrator to create new and find existing rooms is through the admin module, with create room in corridor and search functionality. Another workaround for room creation and other tools is to employ the flexi admin or to create a corridor admin with less access.

These are known limitations for top level administrators with access to all the structure and data in the installation, that we aim to improve in future releases.

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