What's new for July 2019?

The course cards on the new Home page can now be edited and customized, and we’ve made it easier to add commonly used resources.

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Stay Organized

With this update, you can:

  • Drag and drop to customize the order of courses
  • Edit course cards by clicking the pencil icon
  • Change the card color
  • Personalize your course name to a more user-friendly one (contact your administrator for edit rights)

If your school/organization has selected a custom start page such as the school dashboard or calendar this will not change. However, you can still visit the new Home page by clicking ‘Home’.

new home page

quick access to commonly used resources

Save Time:

Quick Access to cloud resources

Using cloud resources has never been easier. The ‘Add’ menu has links to your preferred cloud partner (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive) which can be accessed in a single click. The ‘Add’ window now also shows at the top resources commonly used by teachers to save time.

Save Time:

Quick Add recently created resources

When you click ‘Add’ in Plans, you will see a new sub-menu that shows recently created resources. Just click to add to your lesson plan.

quick add recently created resources


Link up course resources

We have improved how you link from one course resource to another. Simply add a link in the rich text editor to another resource within the same course. For example: you can link support material in a page to an assignment, or link a follow-up discussion to a test. It saves time, too, as students will be immediately pointed to the right resource.

link up course resources tree links

Even More

  • You can now export the student overview pages of all 360° Reports to Excel (or a compatible spreadsheet program) with a single click. The spreadsheets are formatted to be printer-friendly.
  • ‘Bulletins’ is now ‘Announcements’ (only in English).
  • Better readibility of calendars imported from other systems (e.g. Zermelo or Xedule).
  • Students are no longer automatically enrolled into courses using “external enrollment”. Course managers now need to approve applications. This will affect existing and new courses.