New & improved features & product updates

We are pleased to share the Fronter enhancements that will be released by back-to-school 2018!

Plugin-free Audio/Video Recorder

Being able to record both sound and video can be an important part of the teaching and learning process. So before back-to-school 2018, we are introducing a new sound/video recorder based on WebRTC which does not require Flash to be installed. We are also updating our existing online “Flash-based” media recorder to work better with devices that support Flash. For our end users, this means more support on more devices for recording sound and video.

For example, teachers can record feedback for students, or record audio for use in the classroom. Students can collaborate on videos or record answers to oral assignments directly from mobile devices.

Room Copying Improvements

Room copying is a feature that is heavily used during the start of each school term, and especially at the start of the fall term. Since last fall we have been working on major improvements to the performance of this feature.

We are happy to announce that “Room Copy 2.0” will be released by the end of June, to all Fronter customers. You will not notice any visual changes: all the changes are in functionality.

The key improvements are:

1. Room copying will be a lot faster than it used to be. It will take less time to complete each copy.

2. A major issue with the old functionality was that room copies could “crash” when several copies were started at the same time. This has been resolved, along with other issues.


During the past year, we have been working to further improve our new look and feel – Nordlys! Our aim is to:
– continue improving user experience
– continue modernizing Fronter
– further improve usability on smartphones and tablets
– be compliant with accessibility demands

Some of our dedicated users tested Nordlys this spring and it was very well-received. Based on their feedback, we have made even more improvements. Now we feel that Nordlys is ready for its debut.

We think teachers and students will enjoy having Nordlys when they get back to school. In order to activate Nordlys at your school, please contact your local support representative. We will continue to develop and improve Nordlys to make Fronter a better and more user-friendly tool for educators and students in the years to come!