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itslearning at the 28th Annual OEB Global Conference in Berlin

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OEB Global conference 2022
Mauricio Romero, Marketing Manager

Mauricio Romero, itslearning

Another year is flying by, and the OEB Global Conference is right around the corner. Whether you are attending or not, there’s no harm in staying up-to-date with the topics that are making noise in the ever-changing education industry. itslearning has been attending/exhibiting at OEB Global since education technology become a key element of universities’ success. Find out what to expect during the conference and see what we have prepared.

Since 1995, OEB Global has been one of the most important events in the education space. It features hundreds of speakers, thousands of visitors, and has a worldwide impact. OEB brings together leaders and experts from the higher education, government, and corporate sectors to discuss the present and future of teaching and learning – with a strong focus on technology.

Education is transforming due to COVID-19, world crises, and the changing needs of institutions, teachers, and students. This year’s OEB Global Conference addresses these challenges and presents new opportunities to international audiences.

What are the most relevant topics at OEB this year?

This conference is known for introducing high-end themes and world-class speakers, and this year is no exception. Here are some of the most relevant topics and some sessions we recommend particularly to higher ed institutions:

  1. Preparing for the Future of Learning: throughout the years, different pedagogical approaches have emerged due to changing needs in education. The use of the terms remote learning and hybrid learning escalated after the pandemic hit. Now we’re coming across terminology such as Lifelong learning.
  2. Sessions we recommend:
    • Thursday 24 – Will the Fourth Be With You? Achieving Education for the New Worlds of Work
    • Friday 25 – Get Real and Solve the Problem – Success Formulae for Setting Up Problem and Project Based Authentic Learning
    • Friday 25- Extended Discussion – Exploring Hybrid Futures and Envisioning Education Beyond the Pandemic
  3. Initiating and Implementing Digital Transformation: digitalization has never been more important than it is today. With the teaching now able to extend far beyond the walls of a university campus, today’s students expect to be able to utilize a range of technology as part of their learning experience, and have a much more flexible approach to their studies.
  4. Sessions we recommend:
    • Wednesday 23 – Optimizing the Use of ICT in Educational Innovation: An Open Discussion Based on the University of Twente’s Experiences
    • Thursday 24 – Online Synchronous Delivery – How to Make it Work for Schools
    • Friday 25- Schools in Digital Transformation: Measuring Digital Maturity and Quality of Online Teaching
  5. Making Decisions with Data – Improving Effectiveness, Outcomes and Quality: at itslearning we know this topic very well. The use of data analysis and reporting tools provides valuable insights into learning platform usage, user engagement, student progress, learning objective achievement, predictive analytics and more. The relevance of this topic keeps growing and it has been at the core of every OEB Conference.
  6. Sessions we recommend:
    • Wednesday 23 – Applying and Translating Learning Design and Analytics Approaches in your Institution
    • Thursday 24 – Can Data Help? – Learning Analytics on the Path Towards Personalized Assessments
    • Thursday 24 – Data-driven Learning for Organizational Success

These are only a few of our recommendations, but the conference is full of other interesting sessions and workshops. Check out the full agenda here.

Visit our stand D-21

itslearning is the Learning Platform (LMS) that takes your university to the next level, and we are eager to present our solution to everyone at OEB 2022. Our friendly colleagues will be there waiting for you with some cool surprises and all the info you need. Learn more about what we have prepared for OEB!

Here’s why itslearning is the leading European partner for effective and secure LMS implementation:

  • Strongly focused on Data Security
  • Local support in the Nordics, UK and Central Europe
  • Built with a user-centric approach
  • Developed in close collaboration with educational institutions
  • Open and easy to integrate with 3rd party tools
  • Mobile friendly solution
Happy colleagues, itslearning

Philip and Niklas are more than ready to meet you again at OEB 2022!

Mauricio Romero, itslearning

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