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Educators agree data protection and user-friendliness are the main reasons to use an LMS

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Vânia Hasegawa, itslearning

Posted by: Vânia Hasegawa, itslearning

Listening to customer feedback is one of the main priorities of itslearning. Over the years, we have been improving our platform, incorporating new technologies and creating an environment that can meet teachers’ needs. We would like to share some customer stories around Europe to inspire you on your LMS journey.

Technology has been consistently enhancing teaching and learning experiences. Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been helping teachers identify learning gaps, structure courses and track students’ performance in a much more efficient way. For students, LMSs have been a very dynamic and organized way to learn, access materials and engage with courses, especially when hybrid and blended courses have the flexibility to be taken anywhere.

Since the company was founded at a university in Bergen over 23 years ago, we have been relying on former and current teachers on our staff to ensure our features are relevant and efficient. In addition, our tech team works closely with customers to adapt the platform to their needs, understanding that every customer has unique requirements that must be considered.

German customers are mindful of data protection

German customers are mindful of data protection

IGS Lengede Campus. Photo: IGS Lengede.

Known as the most careful and detail-oriented customers in Europe, the German market has been an inspiration to the company. The itslearning team has been working with IGS Lengede on three important features: user-friendliness, data protection and didactics. After 8 years of working with another LMS, they decided that it was time to change and refine their digital concept in order to provide students with the best possible support.

Since 2018, progress has been made and last year the school was named the German school with the best digital concept – in the form of the digital toolbox L3Kids (Lengeder teaching, learning, collaboration, information and document management system) – three years after the switch to itslearning.

“In the end, the result was clear. Following the primacy of the didactics and taking into account the areas of usability and data protection, the decision was made to use the Norwegian system itslearning”
Kerstin Jaspers, didactic director at IGS Lengede

In the UK, implementation and security are the first concerns

A subsidiary company of MidKent College, MKC Training was created as part of a 30-year PPP (public-private partnership) contract to deliver construction, engineering and health & safety skills and qualifications to the Royal School of Military Engineering. They provide a blend of world-class digital and face-to-face education and training to both commercial and defence markets within the public and private sectors.

In 2021, they needed a dedicated LMS and thoroughly vetted 16 LMS platforms – conducting interviews to see which best met their criteria.

“MKC Training is accredited cyber secure, so it was essential that any LMS was fully compliant with all our cyber security needs. itslearning is certified by one of the most widely recognized international standards for information security: ISO 27001.”
Dr. John Dynes, Division Manager, MKC Training

The implementation phase is always very demanding and crucial, and the process went very smoothly according to Dr. Dynes. “The first thing we did was upload all our continuing professional development training, to familiarize staff with the platform and create a level of excitement for what they can do with their own courses”. Staff were were provided with training sessions to support them throughout the learning process and show them the benefits of the platform.

In Denmark user-friendliness, functionality and student-centric capabilities were the decision maker

SDU Building

University of South Denmark. Photo: SDU Facebook.

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is comprised of six campuses across Denmark and has over 40,000 platform users. After a year-long selection process – which included consultations with eLearning experts, educators and students; as well as a tender process – SDU signed a contract with itslearning in May 2020.

Their goal in switching learning management systems was to ensure educational development and consistency. Sara Kvist, Specialist Consultant, emphasizes, “It was also important that our new LMS supported student-driven learning, because that’s an underlying principle of teaching and learning at SDU.”

“At the Faculty of Engineering, we emphasize group work. itslearning has some really great features to support that – they are super-practical as we have group projects almost every semester. It makes things a lot easier for teachers, as they can receive assignments, provide feedback, communicate with students and grade their work all in one place rather than, for instance, via e-mail or physically on paper.
When it comes to primary features for students, itslearning is set up in a user-friendly way. It has a student-centred layout which gives easy access to core information, materials, etc.” commented Sara.

In Belgium, data security and scalability were the main points of attention

IFAPME Campus. Photo: IFAPME.

The Walloon Institute for Work-Study Training and Self-employed and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Institut Wallon de Formation en Alternance et des indépendants et Petites et Moyennes Entreprises – IFAPME) offers training to professionals in a multitude of professional sectors. Regular training is carried out at their centre and practical training takes place at companies.

To support their over 400 courses, they selected their LMS carefully. “itslearning fulfils the classic functions of an LMS: storage of content and activities, creation of training courses, management of learners enrolled in courses, administrative and educational monitoring thanks to the richness of its reports” says one of the members of the steering committee.

Other fundamental criteria were also taken into consideration:

  • Security: itslearning is an ISO 27001 certified LMS
  • Data management: itslearning is 100% GDPR compliant
  • Performance: itslearning hosting adapts to usage (scalability) and guarantees optimal platform availability
  • Scalability: itslearning promotes the integration of third-party tools via the LTI standard

With so many different customers with unique requirements, we have a team in every country that understands the local customer culture, values and necessities. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are satisfied; and most importantly, that the platform is delivering a great experience to teachers and students, helping them reach their highest potential.

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