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itslearning and Google for Education integration

Productivity & Pedagogy

A Shared Mission

To improve the efficacy of technology in education. That is the reason behind the itslearning + Google for Education partnership. Our plan? To work together on a shared vision, to have the world´s best integration between an LMS and G Suite tools.

The strong collaboration between itslearning and G Suite for Education, that involves significant work across R&D, Sales, and Marketing function will give our customers a seamless and more enjoyable experience, allowing them to better achieve their goals as educators.

photo of itslearning and Google meeting

From left to right: Jonathan Rochelle – Product Management Director Google Cloud, Charlotte Møller Anderson – itslearning Vice President Sales Europe, Arne Bergby – CEO itslearning.

itslearning + G Suite for Education now

Phase One of this integration delivers what has been called a “killer feature,” and a favorite Google Classroom capability of teachers, that can be used together with group assignments, rubric assessment, plagiarism control, and peer assessment.

Here’s how it works:

Google Drive Icon pointing at an itslearning task icon

Automated tasks provide more time to teach

Teachers can easily attach template files from their Google Drive when creating assignments in itslearning.

User Icon with G Drive icon

Logical and seamless

With one click, a separate copy of the file is created, in Google Drive for each student, and titled with the student’s name.

Icon depicting teached sending feedback to the student


While students work on the assignment, the teacher has the ability to check in on their progress (look over their shoulder, virtually) and if needed, comment on their work directly.

Icon depicting human control

Human control

After the students hand in the assignment, itslearning will automatically manage permissions so that they cannot change their answers (though, if necessary, teachers can allow students to edit and resubmit the assignment).

Icon depicting human control

‘A’ for effortless grading

Lastly, we have seamlessly integrated the submitted answers into a new, efficient grading workflow. Teachers can quickly and easily review each student’s work, enter feedback and submit grades – all in a single screen. Teachers can also easily navigate from student to student, saving valuable time from typical grading workflows.


These capabilities are built on the pre-existing ability to add resources from Google Drive. But, importantly, this new enhancement is just the start of a broader set of integrations of G Suite products into the itslearning platform.

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Product Releases

Expect more exciting updates!

Our roadmap is bringing new and exciting capabilities that will streamline teaching workflows and increase student engagement.

google chrome icon

itslearning on Chromebooks

Log in to itslearning from a Chromebook. The app available in Marketplace will allow you to open and log in to itslearning with a single click.

Icon - Google Calendar

Google Calendar

All the events in one place, including the due date for every task.

G Drive icon

File Sharing

Create cloud resources directly from itslearning or add them from Google Drive. A better and easier workflow streamlines daily teaching for all of the teachers using G Suite.

Icon representing video Chat

Video Chat

Google Meetings integration to schedule online classes or having 1-to-1/ group sessions Q&A’s.

Google Assistant Icon

Lessons plans

Work with Google Assistant to receive suggestions and ideas on resources.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides


Add Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from G Suite to itslearning. Teachers will be allowed to add them as resource or assigned them to a student.

Benefits for all

Working together with Google will yield major benefits to our teachers, students, admins and everyone that uses itslearning.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Use your existing G Suite content

Easier access to files on Google Drive such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and more!

Icon representing times saving tasks

Time-saving tasks

Faster distribution of assignment materials to every student

Icon depicting teached sending feedback to the student

Cleaner communication

Teachers and students engaging as assignments are made and assessed.

Seamless experience

No hopping between systems to try to get things done –it doesn’t require teachers to send their pupils out to a different digital space.

Consolidation at the admin level

More activities in itslearning, better data and reporting access, less training on different systems.

Engaged teachers

Happier users who get the same functionality of Google Classroom in itslearning.

Teacher Reactions


Photo of How to connect G Suite domain to itslearning
Photo of GDPR, Google and itslearning