Upgrading to Modern

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What are the differences between the Classic itslearning and the sleeker/faster/stronger Modern?

Open the checklist to see some of the changes you may notice with your upgrade.

To plan your upgrade on the date of your choosing (rather than waiting for the automatic upgrade on July 1st), just fill out the bottom (with signature) and send to your Key Account Manager.

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Customer Example

Bahçeşehir University increases user engagement with an upgrade to modern.

“Modern has a great front-end look from the user perspective, both in regards to user experience and interface. The biggest benefits of the upgrade are the new UI and the easy settings for tools like assignments.”

Read more about how the modern itslearning has been a positive change for students at BAU.

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What are the reasons for moving over to the Modern UX?

itslearning has invested a lot in new product improvements — some of which have already launched, and others that are coming soon. All of these new tools are optimised mainly for the Modern UX platform. For example, peer assessment, learning paths and the new group functionalities work in a more fluent way on the Modern interface. Also, the Modern UX is much more intuitive, both for students and teachers.

What are the experiences gained by other organisations that have already transitioned to the Modern UX?

A large majority (over 70%) of itslearning users have already moved over to the Modern UX. From these users, we can see a 20% increase of system usage. Part of the reason behind this increased use is that the new system is more intuitive to use, and that many functions are easier to access than before. The feedback we have received from these users reflects this positive change.

Do we need to plan for any downtime when upgrading to Modern?

No, itslearning will continue to work throughout the upgrade and there is no need to plan for any downtime.

Will we lose any documents or information as a result from this upgrade?

No documents or information will be lost as a result from this upgrade.

What will happen to the folders that we have created (the left menu)?

The old left-hand menu (folders) can be found under the Resources Tab in the Modern UX. The video at the top of this page contains an example of this. Again, no information will be lost.

Will my existing integrations continue to work after the upgrade?

Yes, all the integrations that you have set up will continue to work as before.

If I would like the update to happen on a specific date, how long notice do I have to give?

The actual upgrade only takes 24 hours to be turned on. However, we recommend that you give us at least 14 days notice prior to the intended upgrade date, to ensure that our support team can set aside the time to switch on the new settings for your site.

How do we inform about the desired date for the upgrade?

Towards the top of this webpage is a Checklist showing the differences between Classic and Modern. Click the link and fill out this form to request that the upgrade happen on a certain date. The form should be signed and emailed to your Key Account Manager.

Is it possible to request that we move over at a later date – after July 1st?

No, however you can schedule for the upgrade to take place before July 1st if there is an earlier date that works best. Just fill out the above checklist and send to your Key Account Manager.

Does itslearning offer any training on how to use the new Modern UX?

Yes, itslearning has a dedicated consultancy team which can tailor-make training packages to suit your organisation’s needs. For further information on this, and to obtain a quote, please contact your Key Account Manager.

Who do I contact if we run into technical difficulties during or after the move?

Any technical issues relating to the platform usage should be reported to the itslearning Support Desk.

Who do I contact if I have questions further to this announcement?

If you have any further questions, contact your Key Account Manager at itslearning.