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The New itslearning Experience

Intuitive. Intelligent. Inspiring.

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“How do we make a product people will love? By focusing on the people who use it and what they can accomplish together, not on its features. Our mission isn’t just to create an awesome product. It’s to have awesome users: empowered teachers, accomplished students, and engaged parents.”

John Arthur Berg,
CPO itslearning

But, what does that really mean?

It means reinvention. It means a new itslearning.

An enhanced learning platform that’s so intuitive from the start, it’s a joy to use. So intelligent, it defies physical classroom boundaries and actually recommends the right content. And so inspiring, it immediately puts the focus back on the learner.

If you have not already upgraded your itslearning, please contact us — we’ll walk you through this simple process and give you the tools to succeed.

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Design Principles and User Experience

To us, a good user experience is a prioritised user experience. It’s not just colors, fonts and design (though we do hope that you’ll love our new look!). It’s about ensuring that you get the big picture quickly, but in a way that’s not overwhelming.

Quick to navigate. Easy to collaborate. Saving you time so that you can focus on what really matters: helping students achieve mastery.

Our Guiding Principles:

Useful: We’ve built on interaction patterns you’re used to from other software. A clean, visual hierarchy = pure delight & zero frustration.

Usable: Inclusivity is the focus here — itslearning is built for all users, on all devices.

Enjoyable: We speak human, not robot. More importantly, our action triggers are fun, not annoying.

For all customers: itslearning 2017


  • New look & feel aligned with our new design philosophy
  • its
  • Revitalised Instant Messages System
  • its
  • New Bulletin Boards and Stream
  • its
  • New ‘Your Students’ view
  • its
  • Redesigned Profile Card
  • its
  • Refreshed Global Menu
  • its
  • Overhauled Library


Take a closer look...

Live Homepage

Keeping teachers on track and students up-to-date. Tasks and updates are available right after logging in.

  • The Stream: an aggregate view of the updates and resources posted in your courses and groups
  • Course bulletins are aggregated into the stream where you can comment directly
  • Scroll-a-ton: No longer just showing the most recent content, you can always scroll down to see a history of your updates without leaving the page


We’ve talked to users, and the message has been clear: They want the full itslearning experience through our app.

Now, you’ve got it.

Get the same experience regardless of how you reach itslearning, making it seamless to switch across devices. Here are some of the improvements you’ll notice:

  • We’re revamped the login process, making it much easier for our users to log into their own schools
  • We’re giving our users access to courses and course content directly in the app
  • We’ve aligned the design of the apps to be more in line with what users expect from their devices
  • We’ve ensured that all content looks and works great, regardless of the size or type of screen you’re using

Within K-12, parents can get in on the itslearning fun too: our parent app gives them access to all of the information and tools they need to keep up to date on their children’s school activities. All of the most important info is gathered in one place, so parents can get a quick overview of what there children are supposed to do in the coming week.

Advanced tip:
Encourage your students to download the itslearning app as well, to stay up-to-date and have access on-the-go on the device they use the most.


We’re continuing to expand our Advanced Reporting capabilities by rolling out a new Trends and Progress report, available in the gradebook. This report gives a visual overview of gradebook data and a progress bar that allows you to quickly spot students who are struggling or improving over time. Grade distributions let you see how consistently students are performing, and how well they’re doing relative to each other.

In addition to the new Trends and Progress report, we’ve added grades and assessments to our data model. You can now create several new report types, and make higher-level decisions based on more comprehensive information.

Advanced tip:
Want a deeper dive into the details of user engagement, curriculum management, student progress, or anything else report-worthy? Our Advanced Reporting emphasises flexibility and customisation to ensure that you can apply your understanding of the data to your specific priorities and practices. Contact your itslearning service rep to learn more. 

Have Feedback? Let us know!

All of these changes are just the beginning of what’s going to be better about itslearning this year. We’re constantly making adjustments, so be sure to check out our regular release notes to see what’s new and improved throughout the year. Have any questions about the changes that we’ve made or want to set up a demo for your institution? Get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you!


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