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2014 NMC Horizon report references schools using itslearning

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NMC Horizon Reports are a must-read for 21st century educators and education policy makers. They chart emerging trends in technology adoption and educational change.

The reports are co-authored by the European Commission and the New Media Consortium (NMC). They are translated into more than 20 languages, referred to at conferences, and frequently cited in academic journals. 53 European experts from 22 different countries collaborated to produce the first-ever Horizon Report Europe: 2014 Schools Edition.

The NMC Horizon Report Europe: 2014 Schools Edition addresses three issues:

1)  Trends accelerating educational technology adoption in European schools
2)  Challenges impeding educational technology adoption in European schools
3)  Important developments in educational technology for European schools

Especially interesting chapters:

Rethinking the Role of Teachers (pages 12-13)

Rise of Data-Driven Learning and Assessment (pages 20-21)

Integrating ICT in teacher education (pages 24-25)

The report mentions schools that use itslearning:

  • Sandgotna, Hundsund and Sandvika secondary schools in Norway, page 13 in ‘Rethinking the Role of Teachers’
  • Flint High School, UK, page 21 in ‘Rise of Data-Driven Learning and Assessment’

Articles cited in the report:

Download the report here: