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5 Steps to Standards Mastery

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Students and teacher working together using an iPad and an LMS to reach standards mastery of a mathematics principle.When it comes to successfully guiding students to master district, state and Common Core standards, a learning management system (LMS) can be a valuable tool to reach your standards mastery goals. The itslearning LMS can provide you with next generation tools for automation and content curation that will support your ability to get every student the resources necessary to gain proficiency of the standards.

Here are 5 steps to standards mastery using the itslearning LMS:
  1. Align instruction and assessments to district, state and Common Core standards. 

With the itslearning LMS, search through a robust library of content tagged by standards to help you align lessons and assessments to the standards. Efficiently and effectively track student performance based on tagged standards.

  1. Clearly communicate assessment criteria to your students.

Using built-in features, link assessment criteria and standards to individual assignments so students can readily access, understand and work towards mastery of the curriculum.

  1. Provide specific, constructive and actionable feedback to help students progress.

Share useful feedback with students through the itslearning LMS, using written, audio or video feedback on specific criteria.

  1. Monitor classroom performance towards mastery of standards.

With integrated reporting tools, you can see the percentage of students who have mastered each course standard, as well as individual student progress. Use this data to decide what to review and how to help each student get a better understanding of a specific standard.

  1. Use reporting to determine individual student progress against each standard.

Catch when a student is struggling to master a specific standard, even if they are scoring well on assessments overall.

The right LMS can be the key to efficiently and effectively helping students master standards. To learn more about the itslearning LMS for standards mastery, check out the Standards Mastery Recipe.