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5 Ways itslearning Supports Personalized Learning

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Each learner is on a personal learning journey. The platform you choose to support that journey must a child uses a laptop to access personalized learning on an LMSprovide a stimulating environment that encourages students to drive their own learning. With the itslearning LMS, students can create, collaborate, communicate and self-reflect, while teachers can utilize platform features to make learning personal for every learner.

Here are 5 ways the itslearning LMS supports personalized learning:
  1. Fosters Student Voice

To promote student participation, itslearning gives students a voice through discussion boards, surveys, communities, blogs, ePortfolios and Individual Learning Plans. All learners are looking for a chance to share their opinions and express themselves, and with the itslearning LMS, even shy students can feel confident in sharing their voice.

  1. Gives Students a Choice

With itslearning, students can decide how they want to demonstrate their understanding of standards, and they can choose their study materials within the platform. The lesson planner allows teachers to compile material in a variety of forms such as text, video and interactives, so students get to decide how they want to learn.

  1. Encourages Self-Reflection

Students can self-reflect and make adjustments to their learning through blogs, ePortfolios, and Individual Learning Plans. ePortfolios can be shared both internally and publicly to allow students to present their work and receive feedback from classmates and others.

  1. Allows Feedback on Progress Towards Mastery

The interactive assignment rubrics in itslearning allow teachers to give each student actionable feedback for each skill or standard. Feedback is customized to every student and can be recorded as audio or video. Teachers can also see how all students are performing according to learning objectives, and the recommendation engine within the itslearning LMS suggests personalized tasks to assign each student to help them reach mastery.

  1. Lets Students Create and Analyze – Not Just Consume

With itslearning, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking come naturally. Students are able to share their ideas, make decisions about their learning, reflect on their work and discuss their progress with teachers. Taking ownership of their learning leads students to question, think and create, and ultimately leads to a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are studying.

With the itslearning LMS, every student can find their personalized learning path to help them reach academic success. To learn more about how itslearning promotes personalized learning, check out the itslearning for Personalization Data sheet.