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BarCamp: Connecting Data, Content & People – itslearning wants to learn from you!

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Author: Henning Henning Gjellesvik, itslearning Product Manager, Bergen, Norway

At itslearning, we want to learn from you – our users – continuously on how we can improve our exciting LMS!

When we develop itslearning, we do it with you! The learning wheel (how teaching is planned, executed and revised) is the guideline for how we develop further, especially for usage in K-12.

I’ve participated in itslearning user conferences and BarCamps before. This time I’ll hold a BarCamp session in which I’ll invite you to be part of the future development of itslearning!

Which previous changes have been of value to you? Are you missing anything?


What can we do next to support you and your students?

Let’s collaborate, brainstorm and find out how itslearning must evolve to meet you and your students’ needs.

Please join in and use this opportunity to influence us. We’ll have a collaborative session with good old post-it notes, presentations and discussions.

This is my suggestion – if you decide to accept this mission, see you on Friday January 25th, at the itslearning Innovation summit!


About Henning (Teacher, ‘Why can’t I do my homework on my Commodore 64?’)

Henning realised early that there’s a huge potential in ICT-supported learning! Since the last century, he’s been seeking answers to how ICT can enhance teaching and learning outcomes. Henning is Cand. polit. in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.


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If you plan on attending the BarCamp, follow #itsSummit19 and pre-engage with Henning on Twitter: @Flammerev