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BarCamp: Connecting Data, Content & People

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Krystal Weiss Instructional Lead, Spring Branch Independent School District, Houston, Texas, USA

Nico Wirtz German & English Teacher, John-Lennon Gymnasium, Berlin









We are Nico and Krystal. We come from two different continents – Krystal is based in Houston and Nico teaches in Berlin. What do we have in common? We both realize that education is facing similar challenges around the globe. Schools need to be supported so they can embrace the new strategies that digitalization offers. Both of us are attempting to put this into practice, and we use the itslearning LMS strategically to get it done.

We were asked by itslearning if we could host a BarCamp during the itslearning Innovation Summit in London on Friday afternoon. A BarCamp (EduCamp in U.S. educational lingo) is a known format for excellent collaboration. It’s sort of like improv: raw, unscripted, and a lot of fun.

We will be moderating the BarCamp and we need you, other customers and users from around the globe to contribute:

  • What challenges do you face that you would like input on?
  • How can you  help others improve?

The audience will vote on your suggestions and the most popular ones will become a part of the official program. The itslearning product team and other staff members will use this opportunity to learn from us and help out if needed!

BarCamp is the perfect place to share best practices and work together! It will be hosted on the Sunborn Yacht, a beautiful location to collaborate and share. Use this time to learn from international customers, itslearning staff and guests.

We don’t know exactly what will happen, but we know it’ll be amazing!

BarCamp rules:

  • Feel free to move between sessions while they are going on. We have an “open door” or “the rule of two feet” policy.
  • Session-planning and voting; everyone has equal rights.
  • Spaces, titles and methods are noted on the presentation screen for everyone to get oriented during the sessions.
  • The content, method, media and structure can be defined by the session speaker. He/she may not be the expert, but can invite other experts to the session.
  • Each session lasts 45 minutes, followed by a break of 15 minutes to grab a coffee and move around.
  • In each session, one person should document the results to be published for everyone later.
  • The most important conclusions will be presented during wrap-up.

Note: Bring a Laptop or mobile device, your itslearning access (if available), your questions and curiosity.

Find us on Twitter & hand in your questions, or tell us what you want to learn about. Use the hashtags #BETT2019 and #itsSummit19, and the handles @weisskEDU & @HerrWirtz.

Don’t forget to register for this exciting event!