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Connecting Teachers and Students Through the Power of Learning Management Systems

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This article is by Kayla Delzer and was published on Top Dog Teaching on May 11, 2017

As a reader of this blog, you know that I’m a big believer in student voice, choice, and ownership of learning. Our classrooms are more digital than ever, and our students come to school connected. Yet, often times we ask students to technologically power down when they enter our classrooms. When itslearning connected with me online, I was immediately excited to share about their awesome platform with my readers. Chances are, you’ve already heard of them because they have over 7 million users worldwide!

itslearning is a cloud-based LMS (Learning Management System) with 99% uptime for enhancing student performance by improving teaching and learning processes. It provides a streamlined, user friendly learning environment for schools districts and seamlessly connects systems, resources, and people. Most importantly, itslearning provides educators the flexibility and time savings needed to create truly personalized experiences that place students at the center of learning.

The LMS aims to offer the most comprehensive content library accessible via a single sign-on, end-to-end teaching and learning platform that connects us all.

itslearning focuses on connections:

-Teachers connecting to students, allowing learners to have a voice and choice, and ultimately, an ownership of their own education.

-Students connecting with their friends to share ideas, conduct peer-reviews, or simply chat.

-Parents connecting with their children. To become informed and active participants in the education process.

-Superintendents, curriculum directors, and IT leaders connecting their districts. Uniting disparate technologies, information sources and logins. Capturing and sharing the best district-authored content across all their schools. Designing and deploying standards aligned curricula to improve student outcomes.

Want to know more about this amazing LMS? Here are 5 quick facts to get you started:

-Includes a library of millions of open-source educational resources (via Gooru partnership) and district/teacher-created content. It also integrates with any
other digital content: publisher-supplied, and OER. It effectively manages curricula by understanding the linkage of content resources to learning standards. It can even recommend suggest resources for inclusion in a teacher’s lesson plans.

-Provides real time feedback to proactively improve student learning

-Provides personalized, learning options to help get the most out of each student

-Strengthens school community ties and teacher-student-parent relations

-Helps teachers with continued professional development tools and resources.

For more information about this LMS, please check out their website.