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What Districts Need to Know About IMS Interoperability Standards

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(From EdTech Magazine)

“K–12 schools have seen recent, rapid development of ­sophisticated digital learning resources, based on ­pedagogically sound and creative lesson plan designs that ensure effective instruction.

Many of those resources include attractive and engaging content, opportunities for practice, feedback and authentic or traditional assessments. In spite of that, teachers and students frequently struggle to create effective learning environments. One of their main challenges is that each content provider delivers digital material on its own platform. K–12 users frequently are required to remember upward of 20 IDs or login sets.

Assignments, tests or activities performed in these closed systems often lock scores and other user data inside, encoded in proprietary formats that also require teachers to access multiple platforms to find all of their students’ grades or user data. In many cases, districts, teachers and students have difficulty getting user data back for the purposes of differentiating or personalizing learning.”

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