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itslearning LMS chosen by European universities for Erasmus program on developing pedagogical methods

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Bergen, 6 September 2021

Norway-based itslearning, the leading European learning management system (LMS) provider, has been chosen to supply the learning platform for a collaborative Erasmus program between three European universities. The itslearning LMS will be used by 1,000 students across Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (Poland), University of West Attica (Greece) and University of Pannonia (Hungary) in the 2-year project from January 2022.

The Erasmus Program is a European Union student exchange program with a strong focus on education, training, youth and sport. itslearning is proud to have been chosen as the educational technology (EdTech) for this Erasmus education project which will focus on the development of pedagogical methods and the use of Internet and Computer Technology (ICT). The itslearning LMS has a wide range of educational tools and remote learning solutions to support the initiatives outlined in this project.

All three universities were involved in the selection process and evaluated several learning platforms, specifically for this project. itslearning was chosen as it best fit their key requirements, which included user-friendliness and the ability to support a combination of blended and hybrid learning. Additionally, itslearning was judged to be the LMS that best fulfilled the performance criteria conditions all three universities had for a learning management system to establish a more effective way of teaching.

‘Although all three universities currently use Moodle LMS, we were very encouraged by what itslearning could offer, especially toward helping us deliver the same quality of teaching across this project.’

Professor Dorota Kwiatkowska-Ciotucha, Implementation project leader

“The platform was recommended to us by a close education collaboration partner of Wroclaw University of Economics and Business – Tuija Arola who is the Development Director at Global Education Services Taitaja in Finland. Her institution has been successfully using itslearning as their main learning platform for several years, and also as the LMS for their international projects.

“We were also very impressed by the commitment to education and hybrid learning from itslearning.”

The choice platform for higher education

itslearning offers a wide range of features to support students in their learning in a meaningful and efficient way. The LMS can be customized to suit pedagogical processes and easily integrated into everyday university life. Learning can take place on the desktop or on the mobile app, giving students and educators flexibility and mobility.

“itslearning is one of Europe’s pioneer LMS providers and we are solely focused on the education market. So, it makes me immensely proud that our LMS is supporting this Erasmus educational project that is at the core of what we do every day at itslearning – using ICT to support pedagogical methods.

“The Erasmus Program provides students with the opportunity to experience a global education. Education without borders is also our goal at itslearning; we aim to give every student the opportunity to realize their potential with the best-in-class learning technology,” says Steve Tucker, CEO of itslearning.

Adds Professor Kwiatkowska-Ciotucha, “We are now setting the ground to begin training the lecturers and preparing for the implementation of the itslearning LMS. With itslearning as our dedicated partner, we are confident that we can have the implementation in place and necessary training done by January 2022.”

Being based in Europe, with a strong focus on data security, GDPR, and scalability – itslearning is the preferred European LMS. The Norwegian company was one of the first LMS providers to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has taken this data protection one step further by ensuring that all European customer data is only processed within the EU/EEA. itslearning is also ISO 27001 certified with a comprehensive security compliance infrastructure. The certification is a promise from the LMS provider for continuous risk assessment and upgrades to enhance information security.

University of West Attica is the third largest university in Greece and provides higher education for more than 50,000 students, while Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, ranked among the top economic schools in Poland, is a public university with more than 11,000 students. The University of Pannonia, a leading higher education institution in Hungary, is dedicated to research activities.

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