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Escambia County School District Selects itslearning

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Leading LMS Chosen for its Strength in Tools and Resources that Will Support Move to Digital Learning

Boston, Oct. 10, 2017 – Escambia County School District (ECSD) has chosen itslearning as its new learning management system (LMS) after searching for a partner that could support the district’s transition to its new digital learning ecosystem – the CORE.

“The dynamic tools and resources that will work in concert to improve student learning set the itslearning LMS apart from others – and was central to the reason that we selected their digital teaching and learning solution,” said Tom Ingram, director, information technology, ECSD.

Designed specifically for the K-12 market, itslearning helps improve education in and out of the classroom. Its intuitive LMS features – including curriculum management, communication, collaboration, and analytics reporting – effectively connect teachers, parents and students to create differentiated learning solutions for every student.

The new CORE LMS, provided by itslearning, is immediately available to all ECSD employees and students at all middle schools, most high schools and a few elementary schools. It will offer:

  • a digital library that lets students and teachers search for content using a variety of filtering criteria, including state learning standards;
  • a planner, to enable the building of a course roadmap, linked to learning objectives customized for students through choice of resources, activities and assignments;
  • the ability for the Curriculum & Instruction staff to push resources to all courses district-wide;
  • reporting capabilities, including standards-based monitoring and recommendations for learning paths based on data; and
  • embedded professional development.

ECSD’s new CORE LMS will also integrate existing content from such companies as Discovery Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Pearson and Renaissance Learning as well as productivity tools such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

“Advancing what is truly possible in education  is central to our mission,” said Arne Bergby, CEO of itslearning. “Partnering with Escambia allows us to bring the most comprehensive digital learning and teaching capabilities into their classrooms and help them achieve their educational goals.”

About itslearning

With a passion for improving teaching and learning through technology, itslearning lives at the heart of education. In fact, the itslearning platform is the first LMS in the K-12 marketplace to offer educators content accessible from the cloud, including 2 million free and open resources, searchable, tagged with rich metadata, and ready to use. Established in 1999, itslearning is headquartered in Boston, MA and Bergen, Norway and serves more than 7 million users worldwide. For more information, visit