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Watch How Gooru Resources are Utilised in the itslearning Library

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Wouldn’t life be easier for teachers if someone gathered quality online educational resources in a centralized, searchable place? Well, someone has! Millions of OER are now accessible through the itslearning library!

Gooru, an educational technology non-profit, has put together a free catalog of open source digital content across multiple subject areas, curated and vetted by innovative teachers and schools.

Founded by Prasad Ram (former head of R&D at Google India and Chief Technology Officer at Yahoo! India), Gooru is dedicated to building tools that empower students. itslearning and Gooru have entered into a partnership enabling schools in the United States to access Gooru’s catalog through the itslearning library. Teachers and students can search for rich collections of multimedia resources, videos, games and quizzes contributed by educators in the Gooru community and content providers.

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) in Columbus, Indiana is currently enjoying the Gooru/itslearning partnership. Two representatives from their tech department, Nick Williams and Delaney George, made a great four-minute video demonstrating how to search for Gooru resources and add them to itslearning courses and pages:


To get a first-hand look at how BCSC is using this new resource, itslearning sent members of its product and development teams to meet with BCSC educators. They were happy to hear that teachers find Gooru’s resources “strong and applicable.”


From left: Américo Ferreira & Luuk Weltevreden (itslearning), Nick Williams & Delaney George (BCSC), Bart van Kimmenade & Rachel Hanson (itslearning).

Here’s another short demonstration of how to use Gooru in itslearning: