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8 Ways to Help Students Practice STEM Skills

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As education grows and changes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education (STEM) has emerged as one of the most influential education trends for the future. In 2022, it is more important than ever to prepare students for these kinds of careers. To do this, students must master important 21st-century skills like critical thinking and creativity.

Help students practice STEM skills with these websites:

Critical Thinking

Khan Academy
Khan Academy provides free online courses in almost any STEM topic. Students can learn at their own pace. This is a great place for them to gain a deeper understanding of topics they’re passionate about or that aren’t covered in the standard school curriculum. You can access Khan Academy resources through the itslearning Library.

Science for Kids
Science for Kids offers cool facts, experiments, projects and quizzes to test students’ science knowledge and skills. You can choose activities from 30 different science topics, including everything from plants to space. There are also videos and images to help students visualize the concepts they are learning.

Creativity and Innovation

Alice is an easy-to-use tool with which students can tell stories, build games and program animations in a virtual-reality environment. Using a simple block-based programming environment, students can create animations, build interactive narratives and program simple games in 3D. offers all of the resources necessary to teach, learn and practice coding – like tutorials catered to the minds of young learners.

AFter Hours Programming
Here, students will learn how to program for web development. Through programming and design tutorials, students can learn how to create beautiful websites. The site also features notepads where students can test and preview their code for several different programming languages.


NASA Kid’s Club
NASA Kids’ Club gives students a unique look into space and the scientific reasons that we explore space. The site has games, live video feeds, breathtaking images and downloads to get students excited about space and introduce them to the careers that could bring them there one day.

Weather Wiz Kids
This site opens up the world of meteorology to the minds of young students. Weather Wiz Kids explains all types of weather and natural disasters in deep, scientific detail and offers experiments, links and games to help engage students in meteorology.

Engineer Girl
Engineer Girl was created to inspire the next generation of women in engineering. Here, students can find stories, interviews and a video series explaining different engineering careers. There are also links to important clubs, programs, competitions and scholarships to help jumpstart young girls’ engineering careers.

Best of luck helping your students become the STEM leaders of the future!

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