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itslearning Certified by IMS Global Learning for OneRoster 1.1

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Leading Learning Management System Provider Ensures Schools and Districts Have Reliable and Secure Standards-Based Ways to Roster and Post Grades

Boston, July 26, 2017itslearning, a leading learning management system provider, today announced that it has achieved the most current level of IMS Global Conformance Certification for the IMS OneRoster®. The new certification, OneRoster 1.1, solves a school’s need to securely and reliably exchange roster information, course materials and, now with v. 1.1, the ability to pass/report grades between systems. A major upgrade to OneRoster 1.0, which itslearning secured certification for in 2016, is based on the IMS Learning Information Services (LIS) information model and supports both the commonly used .csv mode for exchange and the latest real-time web services mode known as REST.

“This is great news for educators,” said Bailey Mitchell, Chief Academic Officer, itslearning. “First, by adopting the OneRoster standard schools can eliminate the error-prone burden of manually creating unique class roster data extracts for every digital text, web publisher and platform provider as well as duplicate data entry of grades. Furthermore, teachers and administrators can save massive amounts of time.  With accurate rosters, publishers prevent missing student accounts and incorrect class groups, which are major stumbling blocks to using online resources in the classroom.”

Designed specifically for the K-12 market, itslearning helps improve education in and out of the classroom. Its intuitive LMS features –– including curriculum management, communication, collaboration, and analytics reporting –– effectively connect teachers, parents, and students to create differentiated learning solutions for every student.

With the system’s new cloud integration, districts using G-suite by Google or Microsoft’s Office 365, will find it easier to synchronize their preferred cloud service with their itslearning accounts and all their favorite cloud apps without ever leaving the itslearning LMS. The company has also enhanced its mobile app, so K-12 students and their teachers now have the full LMS experience even when they’re on the go. Users are able to access course content, resources and tools on their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Students can also use the app to submit assignments and attach files.

Additionally, itslearning’s assessment updates make it even easier for K-12 teachers to assess and grade their students. Those updates include a streamlined grading workflow and a new capacity for annotating student submissions online. Teachers now have the ability to easily see students’ assignment status, to search and share assessment activities, and to deliver tests and see grades on any device.

Mitchell concluded, “This seal of approval signifies our commitment to being a one-stop partner with schools and districts so they can focus improving teaching and learning.”


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With a passion for improving teaching and learning through technology, itslearning lives at the heart of education. In fact, the itslearning platform is the first LMS in the K-12 marketplace to offer educators content accessible from the cloud, including 2 million free and open resources, searchable, tagged with rich metadata, and ready to use. Established in 1999, itslearning is headquartered in Boston, MA and Bergen, Norway and serves more than seven million users worldwide


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