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The successful implementation of a learning platform at Bartholomew Schools

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Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC), in Columbus, Indiana, has been using itslearning for six years. Before that, they were using 5 different learning platforms.

BCSC uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as their district instructional framework – it drives every decision they make. In the past, using multiple LMS platforms created many barriers for staff, students, and staying true to UDL. itslearning as the one place, the one LMS, helped remove barriers and support the district’s core values.

Picking one LMS – itslearning – was a way to better ourselves and better UDL in our district.”

Brenny Kummer, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, BCSC

Key to a successful implementation

Brenny Kummer, Coordinator of Instructional Technology at BCSC, says the successful deployment of itslearning was due in part to the way training was set up. Tech leaders at each location learned how to use the platform first, then helped staff members get versed in it. When new teachers start, they are expected to use itslearning, and the platform’s adoption rate is 98%. Kummer explains, “I think something that really increased our usage – from support staff to administrators, teachers and students – is that the platform was never presented as ‘one more thing’ on anyone’s plate”.

Supporting learning outside the classroom

Kummer adds, “I think some of the specific stories about children who’ve thrived because this platform has been there are really the most exciting things. Students have been able to use itslearning to build their speaking skills and ease their nerves and anxieties when talking in front of other classmates. They’ve been out of the classroom for medical reasons, or issues at home, and itslearning has been a way to bring them into school so they still have those social connections and are still on pace with their peers, even if they’re not physically in the classroom.”

Advice while launching an LMS

Nick Williams, Technology Director at BCSC, says when launching an LMS it’s extremely important to make it your one-stop place for everything. “You have to look at technology as part of your curriculum. It has to be integrated with everything you do, and that’s really what itslearning has done for us. Being able to have a district-wide LMS – with support from the school board, principals and teachers – helped give us a fresh start regarding what an online environment looks like.”

“One thing I’m proud of our is our adoption rate. itslearning has become part of our culture – who we are.”

Nick Williams, Technology Director, BCSC

Williams adds that before BCSC evaluates new curriculum and vendors, they always consider how they integrate with itslearning. “The students want everything in itslearning…it’s easier for them, as well as teachers and parents. We’ve had itslearning for six years now. Having the consistency of the platform over a long period has shown our teachers and staff that this is who we are. It serves us well, and it’s what we’re going to continue to grow with.”

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