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itslearning LMS Gives Students More Ownership of their Learning

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Enhanced 360° Reports deepen student engagement and help them better understand how they are mastering course content

Boston, MA and Bergen, Norway – May 16, 2019 – Interacting and sharing is an integral part of the way students and educators use itslearning. The latest version of the award-winning learning management system is making it easier for teachers to help students evaluate their own learning progress. From Release 106, teachers have the option of sharing the itslearning 360° Reports with their students on a course-by-course basis.

“It is critical to give students, especially those in higher education, feedback on their progress and achievements so they can make pro-active choices in their own learning. A lack of feedback means there is little actionable insight for students to achieve their goals,” said Arne Bergby, CEO of itslearning. “The 360° Reports for students give learners added information to be able to take charge of their learning.”

Students can see their own progress and performance data through the following reports:

• Activity reports that show visits and the amount of time a student has spent working on the course.
• Progress reports that show how much of the material in the course a student has viewed and where they spent their time. The student can also see which activities (assessments) were completed on time, or late; and how many assessments they have yet to submit.
• Grades reports that show a student’s outcome on assessments and the trends over time.

As a default, student access to the reports is deactivated, but teachers can easily turn on or off access at any time. Teachers can also select which of the three reports students can see. Students will only see their own data, and they will not be able to see the course overview that is available to teachers.

Teachers have been using the 360° Reports to analyze students’ performance according to standards, which, in turn, enables them to personalize instruction by understanding what resources or activities individual students need. Now, mentors (teaching staff who have cross-course responsibility for a group of students and provide pastoral or academic support to those students) also have access to the 360° Reports’ insights into student progress, activity and grades. Mentors can only see detailed information on the students in their care. The new release enables both teachers and mentors to send messages to individual students or groups of students directly from the 360° Reports.

“When students and teachers are able to obtain insights into learning in real time — data-driven learning becomes a reality, and suddenly everyone is more empowered to be part of the learning process,” said Bergby.

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