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We are proud to announce the launch of our new quiz app – Qwizit!

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Qwizit is a fun quiz app which gamifies education. Teachers can easily create quizzes, have their students take them in class, and use the results to measure student understanding of the lesson. They can use that knowledge to adapt lessons before the class ends!  

Research shows that gamification increases student engagement and quizzes help students retain information through active learning. ​

And what better way to inspire students than by letting them make educational quizzes? Form teams to promote project-based learning and encourage the development of 21st-century skills like communication and collaboration.  ​

But Qwizit isn’t only for teachers and schools – it can be used by anyone, anywhere! It uses device-specific tools like voice recognition, so quiz-making is a breeze! ​

It’s fun…it’s easy…it’s free…it’s Qwizit!!! ​

Download Qwizit for iPhone or Android and get quizzing!