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How schools can ensure continuous learning during the coronavirus outbreak with remote learning

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Remote learning has become the go-to solution for educational institutions affected by school closures.

With more confirmed cases of the coronavirus being reported across Asia and Europe, school and district leaders are preparing emergency plans to minimize the spread of the virus and threat to general health. While some schools are asking students and staff who have been to affected areas to self-quarantine and stay home, others are closing their doors and implementing a remote learning program to ensure that education is not disrupted.

LanguageOne Implements Remote Learning with itslearning LMS

One such school is LanguageOne, a language and culture institution based in The Netherlands. With its campuses in China shut due to the coronavirus outbreak, LanguageOne had to come to a quick solution and opted to increase offering its Dutch language program via the itslearning platform.

The remote learning protocol was then successfully extended to their schools in Hong Kong and Singapore, which were also hard hit by the epidemic.

“At the start of February, we intensified the use of our digital Dutch learning program in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hong Kong and applied blended learning at our schools and online.

Because itslearning is mobile and accessible on any device, our teachers find it easy to use anywhere and could build online classes during this crisis to continue delivering quality education for our students.”

Deidre Jakobs, Managing Director LanguageOne

“I’m glad to say that students, parents and teachers have been very receptive and settled well into this new routine of digital learning. Our students have proven to be highly motivated to continue learning Dutch online supported by their LanguageOne teachers,” says Deidre Jakobs, Managing Director LanguageOne.

itslearning Offers a Remote Learning Guide & Checklist

With the outbreak now fast spreading in Europe and the US, itslearning has distributed remote learning guide and a checklist for setting up digital schools for its customers to assist them in implementing e-learning at their schools to avoid losing valuable teaching time and getting information out quickly to teachers, students and parents. The step-by-step guide is based on best practices from schools that have implemented remote learning programs due to other crises such as bad weather.

“We take our role as education partners seriously. Our learning platform is fully mobile, which means even if students don’t have home computers, they can continue to do their schoolwork online. Classes can continue uninterrupted as teachers have a variety of tools – from video conferencing to recording instruction via video/audio, and setting out a planned sequence of lessons and activities so that their e-learning day feels like a normal school day,” says Steve Tucker, CEO at itslearning.

Forsyth County School District is One Step Ahead with Remote Learning

Forsyth County School District in the US knows that preparation is key to the successful implementation of remote learning and has an action plan ready to be rolled out. They are no strangers to remote learning, having implemented online learning days using the itslearning platform six years ago after heavy snow forced schools to close. The district is able to provide instruction so effectively that virtual learning is counted the same as regular classes – meaning they don’t have to make up for lost school time.

Jason Naile, Director of Instructional Technology, explains, “Our Online Learning Plan for School Closures uses itslearning to engage students, distribute assignments, and facilitate communication when circumstances prohibit face-to-face interaction.”

Forsyth teachers use the platform throughout the year to carry out classes anyway, so expanding virtual learning to school closure days was a natural progression.”

Jason Naile, Director of Instructional Technology & Media, Forsyth County Schools

“With remote learning days, schools no longer have to make up for lost time by cutting back on holidays or adding extra classes, which can be an administrative headache for districts and school leaders, and unpopular with students and staff,” says Tucker.

Forsyth County Schools also provides Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity at home, and allows students to borrow devices to ensure that students without Internet access or mobile devices can continue to keep up with lessons.

Similarly, itslearning is committed to supporting our users in ensuring that education and instruction is not interrupted during this difficult time. To help you get started, we’ve put together the free, downloadable aforementioned checklist for setting up your digital school. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local itslearning Support Team.

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