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Stop Plagiarism Before it Happens with Urkund

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Does your institution implement a program to check for plagiarism? Studies show that if students are informed that they will be automatically checked for plagiarism, they are far less likely to plagiarise.

To stop plagiarism before it happens, itslearning customers can now integrate with Urkund:

  • Easy to use and is switched on with one click
  • Integrated in the system — no need to search through the submitted documents manually
  • No installation or maintenance required

The plagiarism tool compares texts submitted via itslearning with texts on the web and in your organisation. The tool warns the teacher immediately if it finds a match.

Peter Witasp, Product Manager at Urkund, says, “A convenience with Urkund’s plagiarism tool is that it detects cheating as often as it prevents it. This is because when teachers simply mention to their students that they use the Urkund, it is often enough to prevent them from cheating. Therefore, we urge the teachers to be open about their use of the plagiarism tool from the very beginning. Teachers who do this report a decline in the amount of plagiarism.”

Contact your Key Account Manager to learn more about what Urkund can do for your institution’s learning management system.