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itslearning Release 88

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New Assignment Tool Side Panel and Onboarding

We have improved the new assignment tool side-panel making it easier to set options for assignments.

We have added on-boarding guides to the new assignment tool ready for when teachers start using this great new feature.

Simplified Versioning in the Library

We have simplified versioning from the library. This means that:

  • Authors can now make changes directly to published content.
  • Changes are automatically reflected in courses using this content.
  • If teachers don’t want to receive the author’s updates, or want to make their own modifications, they can create their own copy in their course.
  • Authors can choose if their work can or cannot be copied.

Assessment Record (Gradebook) Improvements

When gradebooks have columns, we had added a new scrollbar at the bottom of the page to quickly scroll to the columns that are out of sight.

For those customers who use the assessment record every day, it is now possible to show the gradebook link in the main course menu.

Add Task – Assign to Groups

We have improved the options for assigning tasks to individual students or to groups of students. There is a new Assign To option in the task tool.

Tree Menu on Course Resource Page

Based on feedback from customers that have made the move to new itslearning, we have added the tree menu on the resource page.