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itslearning Release 90

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Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Integration

Are you using or planning to use Microsoft Office 365? Our new Office 365 integration offers a simple, easy to use workflow that brings together itslearning tools with your OneDrive resources and Office 365 apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

In the task tool you can now:

  • Create a collaboration with your students: Let your students co-author Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. All changes are visible in real-time, and the participants can see everyone’s changes as they happen. Use it for process-oriented writing or let your students comment on each other’s work. The possibilities are endless.
  • Link to a file from OneDrive: Grab a file from you OneDrive and link to it. When you update the file in OneDrive, your students will instantly see the updates.
  • Upload from OneDrive: Create a copy from a file in your OneDrive. Uploaded files will not change for your students when you make changes in OneDrive.

Those who have File or folder can:

  • Link to a file from OneDrive
  • Upload from OneDrive

The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Integration can be enabled from Admin > Edit global settings > Cloud services. Note that a Microsoft account is required to use the features.

Assessment Record

The assessment record has been updated with the following changes.

Category row
When there are no categories in a course, we have removed the category row (previously a row was shown with the label ‘Uncategorised’.

To keep the assessment record easy on the eye, we’ve removed the yellow background on exempts. Exempted grades are now shown as struck-through.


Teachers can now submit an assignment on behalf of a student in a group assignment.

We’ve also introduced different colours for the submission statuses. There are only 3: blue for submitted, orange when the action lies with the student (e.g. not submitted), grey when completed.