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itslearning Release 91

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Improvements to the Assignment Tool

Based on feedback from teachers and students, we’re continuing to improve our new assignment tool. A short while ago we released the possibility of attaching files as part of teacher feedback. In this release we have the following news:

Commenting Feature

Students can no longer comment on feedback when their answer is set to complete. The commenting feature is now only available if the students need to resubmit. This allows them to ask for more directions if needed.

Attach files to assessments

Now it’s also possible to add attachment to assessments, for example, if the teachers want to include best practice examples.

Versioning of files in assignment answers

When answering assignments, students can upload the answer in a file. The teacher can write comments in or edit these files as part of the assessment process. After the assignment has been assessed, we now show two versions of this file:

  • Last submitted version (read only): A copy of the file before the teacher edited it.
  • Working file (editable): The file with the teacher’s changes.

This enables the students to go back and see the original version if they need to submit the assignment again.

Improved Learning Objective Search

To improve the search results when searching learning objectives, we now also use the title and description of the learning objective as part of the search criteria.

Homework and Tests

Previously you could set assignments and tasks as homework. Now we’ve included tests to the list of homework activities.