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Releases 84 & 85

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Planner enhancements

We’ve revamped the planner. This is how it looks now:


Homework in plans

When you add a task as homework it’s now also possible to show the homework in the students plans. The task is then labelled as ‘Homework’ in the plan:


Other minor planner changes

You can now edit titles by clicking on them:

Set topic colors by clicking the circle in front of the topic title:

A new ‘closed eye’ icon in front of the plan title makes it easy to recognize inactive plans:

Copying of resources

All resources now behave the same when they are copied. Previously, some resources were moved to the library when they were copied, but this is now a thing of the past.


The new gradebook now support exemptions.

New report: Trends and progress

A new trends and progress report is available from the gradebook. This visual representation of student grades shows:

  • Trend in grades over time: Is this student improving, struggling?
  • Distribution of grades: Is this student performing consistently or erratically?
  • Progress on tasks: What progress towards completing the course do these grades represent?


Gooru assessments (US only)

Those of you who have Gooru enabled will now see a new content type called ‘Gooru assessments’. This content type contains one or more questions. Teachers can set a deadline for these assessments, connect learning objectives. The teacher can also set up an assessment scale or score.

Like assignments and tests, the outcome of a Gooru assessment can be included in the grade book.

Knovation metadata in the Library (US only)

In this release, we’ve introduced two new metadata fields in the library that describe Knovation learning resources:

  • Educational Intent: Used to identify the primary purpose of the learning resource. Its values include ‘instructional’, ‘practice’, ‘instructional practice’ or ‘none’
  • Flash Content: This metadata item identifies whether a resource is a flash content or not. If flash content present, this is visualized with an icon under Format: