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Remote Learning Tips

Remote Learning Preparatory Kit

As educators you are well prepared for all eventualities. But with uncertainty remaining over the coronavirus pandemic, we've put together this kit to help you ensure learning continues whatever the challenge.

Tips for Teachers

These handy hints on remote and/or blended learning have been compiled from teachers around the world. Find similar advice and share your own best practices on our social media sites by using the hashtag:


Download the itslearning app

Get your students to download and use the itslearning app. It will make it easier to communicate and share information quickly. You can find the app in the App Store and Google Play.

Mass messaging

Information is key, but too much detail can overwhelm recipients. Send out a mass message so everyone in your school knows what to do – staff, students and parents. Keep messages short and send school by school rather than to the entire district.

Stagger log-ins and shorten the school day

Spread time spent online throughout the day to minimize screen time for students during blended learning. Keep lessons short and give them breaks between lessons and online classes. And, remember to include recess on blended learning days.

Set up a digital staffroom

Initiate a digital staffroom with open communication channels in itslearning. You can use the Course, Resources, Groups features and combine with the Calendar.

Keep students engaged

Use video conferencing, quizzes and offline work to keep students engaged rather than just sending recorded instruction. Remind them that this is a school day and they must switch off mobile phones and find a quiet place to work, if possible, to minimize distraction.

Take breaks and have a support network

Remember – you need breaks to. Stretch, have a warm drink and call a friend in your support network for a quick chat. Relax, recharge and repeat. To get started, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you implement blended learning with minimal disruption.

Step-by-step guide to remote learning

Plans in itslearning is a great tool for creating a central hub for regular lessons. Start here to build your blended or remote learning program.

With the Plans feature you can create detailed plans for any specific period of time, connect learning objectives, assignments, discussions and tests. Copy and share your plans with fellow teachers. You can record audio, video or use live conferencing tools such as MS Teams Meetings to provide instruction and support

MS Teams ›

Group work

Encourage students to work in teams by assigning group work through the Assignments feature. Our plagiarism tool helps prevent cheating. By working from home students learn time management skills. Ask them to share their tips with their peers, so everyone can learn from one another.

Free resources

Our Library has millions of standards-aligned resources. Use them as a teaching tool or create your own resources and share them with teachers in the itslearning community via the Library.

Monitor progress

The itslearning 360° Reports are in-depth, real-time, visual infographics that show how well each student is engaging and progressing. It can help you refine and restructure courses to keep students engaged during extended periods of remote learning.

360° Reports Overview ›

Make it fun

Teachers are using Bitmoji virtual classrooms to create a fun teaching environment to keep students engaged. Add interactive elements that students can click through as well as assignments and videos.

Adding your Bitmoji classroom ›