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What's new in Release 104?

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Accessibility improvements across itslearning

Improving access to itslearning for lecturers, students and all other users is critical to ensuring better education for all. Following best practice from international bodies (WCAG 2.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, European Commission Web Accessibility Guidelines) we have been continually improving accessibility.

This release sees enhanced readability of itslearning for screen readers. We have improved alternative text for images, solved some issues with ’empty’ buttons/references following best practice from the Web Accessibility Initiative (Accessible Rich Internet Applications). We have also introduced a better way for screen readers to follow ‘Page titles’ which means we now uniquely identify more of the pages when users move around their course. We will continue to work on other improvements through Spring 2019.

For Teachers & Students

Responding to a survey is now mobile friendly

Surveys have been better adapted to mobile phones, making it easier to respond to a survey on a mobile device. Images are automatically scaled to fit the screen, navigation buttons are always shown at the bottom of the page, and, with matrix questions, the alternatives are now shown below each question, to ensure that all alternatives are visible to the respondent.

Elements with a deadline will be linked to the calendar

Students find it useful to see their tasks/to-do items in the calendar. For courses with calendar events, tasks, tests and surveys previously only appeared in the calendar when the deadline was set to “At a specific event”. They will now be connected when choosing “At a specific time”, if the calendar event starts at the same time as the due date.

Show weekends in calendar

The option “Show weekend” in the calendar will now be turned off by default for all users. The weekend view can easily be turned back on for those students who keep track on their activities during the weekend.

For Students

New ePortfolio

We want to better support students taking ownership of their learning. We are enhancing ePortfolio to give them a more feature-rich place to store and manage their best work. This will eventually allow a secure access to external parties (under organisation/teacher control) so students can present their work to external certification bodies.

This release sees a major overhaul to ePortfolio file handling including from cloud services. It is also now easier to download these files from itslearning to allow the transfer of student work to other systems and better support lifelong learning. Now when students are doing a presentation for example, they can easily showcase their work directly in the browser.

Uploading files is now easier

Uploading files to a portfolio has been improved to include drag ‘n’ drop one or multiple files, add from your favorite cloud service, rename resources and preview it before saving.

When selecting a file from a cloud service, a copy of the file is added to the portfolio.

Easier transfer of content to ePortfolio

Transferring content from the working portfolio to the ePortfolio is now easier than ever, with several enhancements to make it more intuitive, fewer clicks and more flexibility.

When transferring content from the working portfolio, in addition to selecting a course portfolio, students can now also choose one of their private portfolios. This gives students more flexibility when building their ePortfolio, such as having one portfolio to present work from several courses.

Clicking on the “Transfer to portfolio” button will immediately show you the available portfolios. Adding a note with rich-text editor is now available, so that students can add reflections to their work.

Download all portfolios

Students can now download a copy of all their portfolios at once, straight from the Portfolios page. When exporting a portfolio, the file names of the attachments are now kept in the exported zip-file. This applies both to when exporting a single portfolio, or all the portfolios at once.

For Lecturers

Optional assignment/test description

Following feedback from lecturers, the description field is no longer mandatory when you create an assignment or a test (using the new test tool). You can still add a description if you want to.

Updated registration tool

The registration tool is now easier and more flexible to use. To free up seats, for instance, if a student is sick or has made a wrong choice and cannot edit his registration, lecturers can now remove a registration on behalf of a student. The option is available for lecturers disregarding the edit permission set on the registration. We have improved the feedback to lecturers so they can make the changes more easily.

Bookable resources

Lecturers can now easily book resources from outside their own organisation (if allowed). When booking a resource, lecturers can choose “Show more options” and “Book rooms and equipment”. Here, they can see which organisation owns the resource. Administrators can manage which organisation the resource belongs to.

Improving usability

The itslearning top bar and course menus have been tweaked so it is easier to see which ‘tab’ is currently open.

View attachments in browser

Files attached to a portfolio can now be viewed directly in the browser. Simply click the file to view it.

Clicking the three-dot button will give additional options, such as Download.

Attachments will be handled a bit differently:

  • Images, audio files and videos will open in the browser.
  • Microsoft Office documents will open in Office Online Viewer.
  • PDFs will open in the pdf-viewer.
  • Other files will be downloaded as before.

For Administrators

Improved logins, storage and course visit reports

System administrators can see the login report for all institutions on their site. However, from this release faculties/schools administrators will only see their own institution(s) in the drop-down list. This follows data security best practice.

This feature is also implemented on the ‘Storage Distribution Report’ and ‘Course visit report’. To help system administrators who are overseeing large numbers of faculties/schools we have improved the drop down selector in these reports. Start typing your institution’s name and itslearning will suggest matches that you can jump to instantly.

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