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Product Highlights
June 2019

A fresh Home Page keeps everything organized.  Improved Microsoft Office integration & new Google Calendar sync mean you can use the apps you love in even better ways. Student self-assessments increase learning autonomy. For more on these and others, read on.

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Stay Organized:
Navigate courses & manage tasks with ease

A Beautiful Home

Each course gets a card. Makes it clean and neat.

Color-coded and tagged with teachers’ name and pic. Makes stuff easy to find.

High-contrast background. Makes it clear that home is home.

Move, sort, hide, and “favorite” courses. Mute notifications. Makes it your own.

Fresh Updates

Shows upcoming tasks at a glance

Hides tasks with far off due dates

Only shows those with deadlines

Clears out expired tasks

Clean Tasks

Shows on all course overview pages

Deadline-free tasks collapsed for brevity

*If your organization has a custom start page, you will still see it by default. However, you can go to ‘Home’ and make that your start page.

Release Timeline
July 1: Norway, Sweden, US, UK, and Higher Education institutions
August 1: All other sites

Increase Engagement:
Student self-assessments

A new option in assignments

Single click to ‘Require self-assessment’

Upon submission, prompts student for self-assessment

Teachers may optionally include a rubric or assessment scale

Teachers may provide feedback on assessments through the all-in-one grader

Save Time:
One-click “Add” files

Fast and easy

Upload files from your favorite cloud apps

For assignments, resources, and more

One-click ‘Add’ from anywhere

Animation of one-click add resource
One click to add a resource
Animation of one-click add resource
One click to add a resource

Improve Privacy: Hide date/time login details

The course participant page shows the date/time of the last login of all members of the course. This includes the login times of all course teachers and course administrators. However, some organizations do not want this information to be shared with all teachers.
We have now made it possible to manage visibility of this information by administrators in each school. The setting is located in ‘Admin’ >> ‘Edit global settings’ >> ‘Features and security’, at the end of the Privacy section. The setting is called: ‘Show the date and time of sign-ins in the course participant page’. If turned off, the date/time column is removed from all courses.

Communicate Wisely:
Unreceived message alerts

At times, students may lack access to their messages

We alert teachers when there are unreceived messages

Works for individual and group messages

Even More

  • We continue to improve the terminology in itslearning to better support all levels of education. Higher Education users in France will now see improvements to course terminology such as “cours” to “espace de travail”.
  • In course properties, we have simplified how to change the course colors or course title.
  • All users are now able to choose Chinese as their preferred language.
  • We have simplified and modernized terminology and icons when uploading files from your computer or device. Upload icons now match the device you are using. We have updated the terminology for Chromebook users, too.