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We'll help you migrate existing content and data into itslearning.

Migration Services Migration services include pre-populated courses with files, links, tests, surveys, calendar events, IMS content packages and more. Additionally, assessment and activity management which enables users to import and export information from grade books, planners and calendars. Finally, learning objects repository imports: This provides you with the ability to link activities to learning objectives and curriculum information.

Push Method  Applying a curriculum course template to a teacher’s instructional course is considered the “push” method of delivering curriculum. In this method, through the integration, the template is applied (basically laid over) a teacher’s instructional course. When a teacher opens his/her course, he/she will see all of the curriculum the district has “pushed” out to him/her.

Pull Method This method of delivering curriculum provides a curriculum resource course complete with all the resources a teacher would need to instruct his/her class. The teacher can either self-enroll or be enrolled in this course as a teacher. By doing that, the teacher has access to copy any of the materials available in the course to his/her individual instructional course. This course is a collaboration of teachers allowing them access, contribution and modification.