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Are you ready to win a Chromebook with itslearning?

Enter your lucky number in the form. Find the rules and instructions below. Easy-peasy 😉

How do I win this?

The Rules

  • Limited to 200 unique cards with 200 unique codes. One card per contestant.
      • Each card has a unique code with 3 letters and 3 digits. Please enter the whole code.
  • Only registered numbers will be counted in the raffle:
  • The deadline to participate is on Thursday at 16:30 (right at the end of the second coffee break).
  • The announcement of the winner is Thursday at 17:30, at the stand of itslearning D-10
  • All contestants will receive an email with the result, whether it’s a winner or not.
  • The winner will receive an email and a phone call from our staff.
  • Important: to claim the prize at our stand, the winner MUST show the winner card. A photo will do.


  1. Get a raffle card from our friendly staff at our booth itslearning D-10
  2. Remove the sticker to unveil your lucky number
  3. There are 2 ways to enter the raffle:
    – Fill out the form at our stand.
    – Fill out the form in this website (go further up)
  4. Stay tuned for the winner announcement at 17:40 by email and/or phone


Good luck!