Your data matters

At itslearning we believe that technology can vastly improve education. Part of this mission also means that we are committed custodians to data protection.


Our pledge is to all stakeholders. Whether you are an administrator, teacher, school staff, student or parent, you can rest assured that itslearning takes data protection seriously. We have enacted several measures both internally and externally to ensure that our platform is a secure system that you can trust. Unlike some other software providers we do not own any personal data. As our customer, you will always have full control of your data.

Data security

Data processed by itslearning is done in highly secure data centers in Europe and the US. (Important: All data from our customers in the EU/EEA is ONLY processed within the EU/EEA. You can find more information on our section ‘Commitment to privacy – GDPR compliant’ on this page.)

Our solution is robust and reliant with appropriate fail safe measures. We also have a Disaster Recovery Plan to prevent customer data loss, to recover data in the unlikely event of a disaster.

Regular testing by our internal security team and a strong focus on security across the development teams ensure that our platform security is not compromised. In addition to a strong security focused mindset among our engineers, itslearning is also security audited by third-party auditors several times a year.

You can read more about why and how we process your data in our Data and Privacy Policy

Commitment to privacy – GDPR compliant

itslearning has always followed the principles of European data privacy and was one of the first learning platform providers to fully adhere to GDPR requirements. This General Data Protection Regulation is designed to significantly enhance the protection of personal data of EU/EEA citizens. Our commitment goes one step further in that we only process European customer data within the EU/EEA. This data batch is never transferred outside the EU/EEA region.

We do not own or control user data. We do not share user data with any third parties unless specifically instructed by our customers. The relationship we have with our customers is governed by GDPR compliant agreements.

Read more about our GDPR commitment

ISO 27001 certification

itslearning is ISO 27001 certified. We have defined and implemented a comprehensive security compliance infrastructure according to ISO 27001 regulations which has been verified and approved by independent auditors.

ISO 27001 provides a framework of standards for how an organization should manage its data, and the certification is a guarantee from us to you of a more secure organization.

The certification is also our promise to undertake continuous risk assessment and upgrades to enhance information security.

Student Privacy Pledge

itslearning has also signed the US national Student Privacy Pledge which deals with the collection, maintenance and use of student data. This means we are publicly committed to safeguarding student privacy and information security with the appropriate standards across the US.

Responsible Disclosure

We encourage anyone who has found a security vulnerability to contact us at [email protected]. Anyone who reports potential vulnerabilities according to our responsible disclosure policy which lead to changes from us, will earn a spot in our Security Hall of Fame.

Visit our Responsible Disclosure page to read the policy.