Tools for Communication

Newsfeed/Stream, Threaded discussion boards, Communities for collaboration, Instant Messaging, Calendar for events and resource booking, Parent Portal access

Tools for Planning

Standards-based customizable planner, Standards-based rubrics

All plans are dynamic, and shareable both internal and external

Tools for Assessment

A variety of test and assignment options, Learning Objectives Progress Report, Support for tracking offline activities, Individual Progress reporting

Flexible tools

Recommendation Engine, A vast digital content library, Customizable courses, Student-created content library and blog, Record cross-platform audio and video

A dedicated “your student” profile card containing all student plans, assessments, tasks and teacher-student communication

A Choice of Device and Formats

Mobile app (iOS, Android), Responsive design, Integrate with Google Drive and OneDrive, Support of LTI-based tools and OneRoster

Being successful with personalized learning in everyday instruction is a major challenge for teachers today. itslearning provides tools to support a variety of teaching strategies, all promoting personalized learning. Additionally, the platform supports assessment for learning, standards-based learning and competency-based learning.

With itslearning, teachers can personalize instruction by assigning standards aligned resources from a vast library or use the recommendation engine to give students personalized tasks. Provide personalized feedback through interactive assignment rubrics or allow students to create, peer assess and analyze results. Teachers can also give students an even stronger voice in the classroom through surveys, discussion boards or individual learning plans, and a choice in how they demonstrate understanding of concepts or learning objectives.

Check out the product graphic above to explore our tools for personalized learning!