An LMS must seamlessly live in your existing environment. This means bringing together all the necessary digital content and data from key software applications such as Student Information Systems (SIS), into one, complete solution. No fumbling for the right passwords. No data silos. Nice and easy.

With itslearning you can integrate with your SIS, content vendors, apps and external learning resources, giving your students, parents and teachers one login that meets all their needs.

Take Office 365, used by millions of students and teachers all over the world. With itslearning plus Office 365 you can of course get access to your e-mail account, but you can also integrate with OneDrive, meaning you can easily upload resources and students can submit assignments. You can add Office Mix or OneNote to your courses, to have Mix playlists and a class notebook. The possibilities are endless.logo_drive_64px

Opted for Google instead of Office365? No worries; we also integrate with Google Drive. That way teachers can upload Google files to a course, or share their uploaded Google files through our Library.

Dropbox fan? We’ve got you covered too.dropbox_blue-2

We integrate easily with other systems because we comply with Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®), a trademark of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (, and a standard which defines the communication between a learning management system and a third party application.


Since LTI is a global standard, you can easily integrate with many apps and content providers.

Smooth integrations with leading SIS providers mean we fetch user and class information to populate the course hierarchy in itslearning. Compare to the alternative of manually creating and updating users and groups, the time savings are massive.


Education is a team sport and an LMS cannot be an island. The most successful customers ensure that their LMS is well integrated into the rest of their digital environment. This drives greater adoption, and higher student performance.