Your content hub, supporting dynamic curriculum management.

Often, schools and districts rely on disparate tools and multiple logins for content and curriculum management. itslearning enables you to connect your planner, courses, assessments and both paid and free resources with learning objectives – all within one login. This will ensure all teaching objectives across your district or school are aligned with applicable standards, enabling you to accurately measure and compare individual student progress and performance.

One-stop-shop: Curriculum guides, instructional frameworks and instructional resources are all located in the same platform – all with one login

Storage and search: The library provides a central location to store content created by teachers, schools, districts or publishers – all searchable by keyword and curriculum standards

Standards-aligned planning: The planner allows course developers to build the scope and sequence of courses, incorporating standards-aligned content from the library

Standards-aligned assessments: Assessments are pre-aligned to standards selected for a specific lesson

Planner sharing: Share and copy lessons from one course to another

Reporting: Standards-aligned reports are automatically generated