Behaal uw doelen met itslearning

Ontdek hoe itslearning u helpt bij het behalen van uw doelen…

Hier gebeurt het

Hier, in het hart van het onderwijs, vind je een leerplatform dat meteen zo intuïtief is dat het een plezier is te gebruiken. Zo intelligent, dat het de grenzen van het fysieke klaslokaal vervaagt terwijl het leerbronnen aanbeveelt voor elke student. En zo inspirerend dat het plezier terugbrengt in het lesgeven en leren.

Eén login. Veel verbindingen.

itslearning is een cloud-based leerplatform dat mensen met passie, onderwijs en leermiddelen aan elkaar verbindt.

Het itslearning leerplatform faciliteert gepersonaliseerd leren door bronnen, instructies, leerdoelgerichte lesplannen en assessments in één makkelijk bereikbare, centrale locatie te plaatsen. Het platform biedt docenten veel manieren om interessante lessen en bronnen te maken, faciliteert het samenwerken, het delen van materialen tussen docenten en automatiseert standaard taken zodat docenten meer tijd hebben om zich te focussen op hun leerlingen.

In het kort, alles wat u nodig heeft is met één login beschikbaar.


itslearning is a cloud-based learning platform that connects teachers, students, parents, and school leaders both in and outside the classroom


Leermiddelenbeleid Itslearning heeft tools om het curriculum te bouwen en leermiddelenbeheer. Daarnaast zijn er (nationale) leerdoelen beschikbaar waardoor activiteiten op basis van leerroutes mogelijk zijn – Alles is met één login bereikbaar!

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Learning analytics Met de rapportage mogelijkheden in itslearning krijgt u niet alleen inzicht in het gebruik van het systeem; u krijgt ook inzicht in de toepassing van leermiddelen en daar vervolgacties op maken. Goed inzicht = verbeterde planning, verbeterd leren.

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Gepersonaliseerd leren Maak individuele leerlijnen binnen het curriculum! Met itslearning, kunnen leraren differentiëren, individuele leerplannen vormgeven en zijn er tal van mogelijkheden om (in lijn met het curriculum) leermiddelen ontwikkelen– met gemotiveerde en succesvollere leerlingen tot gevolg.

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Communicatie en Samenwerken Met itslearning heb je de juiste hulpmiddelen om samen te werken en effectief te communiceren. Daarnaast kunnen de intuïtieve hulpmiddelen gekoppeld worden aan het curriculum.

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Integreer met... Koppel itslearning aan uw Student Informatie Systeem (SIS), externe leermiddelen en andere toepassingen die de les versterken. We werken samen met leermiddelenleveranciers en software op basis van standaarden om naadloos te integreren.

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Your content hub, supporting dynamic curriculum management.

Often, schools and districts rely on disparate tools and multiple logins for content and curriculum management. itslearning enables you to connect your planner, courses, assessments and both paid and free resources with learning objectives – all within one login. This will ensure all teaching objectives across your district or school are aligned with applicable standards, enabling you to accurately measure and compare individual student progress and performance.

One-stop-shop: Curriculum guides, instructional frameworks and instructional resources are all located in the same platform – all with one login

Storage and search: The library provides a central location to store content created by teachers, schools, districts or publishers – all searchable by keyword and curriculum standards

Standards-aligned planning: The planner allows course developers to build the scope and sequence of courses, incorporating standards-aligned content from the library

Standards-aligned assessments: Assessments are pre-aligned to standards selected for a specific lesson

Planner sharing: Share and copy lessons from one course to another

Reporting: Standards-aligned reports are automatically generated

Insight you can act on.

The itslearning reporting solutions enable your district or school to get additional value from your use of the platform. A suite of dashboards and analytics provide insights into user engagement, curriculum management and student progress, that facilitate better informed planning and decision making.

Our approach emphasizes flexibility and customization, to ensure that you can apply your understanding of the data to your specific priorities and practices.

Curriculum Management

  • Evaluate curriculum implementation efforts by looking at the range and diversity of course content types
  • Monitor learning objective alignment to support standards-based assessment
  • View patterns of use to find most and least used content types
  • Check progress on specific topics and skills to identify areas needing additional attention

User Engagement

  • Monitor system adoption to find schools, roles, or users that may benefit from training or assistance with access
  • View the time and durations the system is used for insights into use of blended learning
  • Show the value itslearning has via the extent of user participation

Student progress

  • Compare student progress on learning objectives across schools, courses, and by topic
  • View detailed learning objectives assessment status and timeline
  • See a comprehensive view of any individual student’s progress on learning objectives

Tools for Communication

Newsfeed/Stream, Threaded discussion boards, Communities for collaboration, Instant Messaging, Calendar for events and resource booking, Parent Portal access

Tools for Planning

Standards-based customizable planner, Standards-based rubrics

All plans are dynamic, and shareable both internal and external

Tools for Assessment

A variety of test and assignment options, Learning Objectives Progress Report, Support for tracking offline activities, Individual Progress reporting

Flexible tools

Recommendation Engine, A vast digital content library, Customizable courses, Student-created content library and blog, Record cross-platform audio and video

A dedicated “your student” profile card containing all student plans, assessments, tasks and teacher-student communication

A Choice of Device and Formats

Mobile app (iOS, Android), Responsive design, Integrate with Google Drive and OneDrive, Support of LTI-based tools and OneRoster

Being successful with personalized learning in everyday instruction is a major challenge for teachers today. itslearning provides tools to support a variety of teaching strategies, all promoting personalized learning. Additionally, the platform supports assessment for learning, standards-based learning and competency-based learning.

With itslearning, teachers can personalize instruction by assigning standards aligned resources from a vast library or use the recommendation engine to give students personalized tasks. Provide personalized feedback through interactive assignment rubrics or allow students to create, peer assess and analyze results. Teachers can also give students an even stronger voice in the classroom through surveys, discussion boards or individual learning plans, and a choice in how they demonstrate understanding of concepts or learning objectives.

Check out the product graphic above to explore our tools for personalized learning!

A central place for teachers, students and parents to interact and share

How do you ensure learning after the bell rings? Strengthen school community ties by providing safe spaces for groups of students and teachers to interact outside of normal classroom activities. Create student communities for school clubs, and professional learning communities for teachers to help develop their skills and promote job satisfaction. Keep parents involved in their children’s school lives through a dedicated Parent Portal with automatic updates on academic progress, access to assignments and more.

Teacher to Teacher

Communities: Teachers can use communities to collaborate across the district, by grade level or subject area. Others can join communities for special or pedagogical interests.

Library: Teachers can share resources in the Library, collaborate on shared resources, and rate and review resources.

Teacher to Student

Planner: Teachers use the planner not only to plan, organize and align units and lessons to standards, but also to communicate with other teachers and students.

Bulletins: Post bulletins to students as text, video or audio.

Messages: Send instant messages to the entire class, one group, or to individuals. Send messages through the itslearning “your student” profile card with all the student assessments and tasks immediately accessible, or through the recommendation engine, informing students of personalized tasks.

Rubric and Assessment Feedback: Teachers use rubrics not just to score performance, but to give students concrete, actionable feedback on assignments.

Student to Student

Discussion Boards: Students can post ideas or collaborate on subjects, using the rich text editor to record audio and video, or embed external media.

Course Group Folders: Groups can have their own course folders to add resources, or communicate through discussion boards, chat and video conferencing.

Digital Student Communities: Students can create communities and invite others to join so they can collaborate on projects, special interests, study groups or clubs.

Teacher/School to Parent

With a dedicated, customizable Parent Portal, parents have simple and secure access to information about all of their children, which makes teacher-parent communication easier than ever.

An LMS must seamlessly live in your existing environment. This means bringing together all the necessary digital content and data from key software applications such as Student Information Systems (SIS), into one, complete solution. No fumbling for the right passwords. No data silos. Nice and easy.

With itslearning you can integrate with your SIS, content vendors, apps and external learning resources, giving your students, parents and teachers one login that meets all their needs.

Take Office 365, used by millions of students and teachers all over the world. With itslearning plus Office 365 you can of course get access to your e-mail account, but you can also integrate with OneDrive, meaning you can easily upload resources and students can submit assignments. You can add Office Mix or OneNote to your courses, to have Mix playlists and a class notebook. The possibilities are endless.logo_drive_64px

Opted for Google instead of Office365? No worries; we also integrate with Google Drive. That way teachers can upload Google files to a course, or share their uploaded Google files through our Library.

Dropbox fan? We’ve got you covered too.dropbox_blue-2

We integrate easily with other systems because we comply with Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®), a trademark of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (, and a standard which defines the communication between a learning management system and a third party application.


Since LTI is a global standard, you can easily integrate with many apps and content providers.

Smooth integrations with leading SIS providers mean we fetch user and class information to populate the course hierarchy in itslearning. Compare to the alternative of manually creating and updating users and groups, the time savings are massive.


Education is a team sport and an LMS cannot be an island. The most successful customers ensure that their LMS is well integrated into the rest of their digital environment. This drives greater adoption, and higher student performance.