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SkoleIntra – now in English

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Now we are making it easier for English-speaking parents, students and staff to keep up with school life in Denmark. In the latest release of (new) SkoleIntra (MobilIntra), users can choose whether they want menu items and features in Danish or English. It is easy to change the language – and to switch back again. This is done under ‘Settings’.

Among others it is the international schools in Denmark, who have requested that SkoleIntra and app for notifications should be in English, Product Manager Caroline Christiansen, itslearning, explains. She expects that many Danish schools will benefit from the English version.

“We hope that the new version can help to shorten the path into the school for English-speaking parents who want to stay informed about their children’s schooling. ‘Parent Intra’ will make it easier to navigate in the communication between school and home. But it will of course still be up to, for example, the individual teachers to write and/or translate the messages that are send out via ForældreIntra/ParentIntra,” Caroline Christiansen says.

Caroline Christiansen mentions that the new English version may be a step in the opening up of several language versions of SkoleIntra.

“We will observe how the English language version is received and used. We will also listen to schools and municipalities and then assess the need to launch more languages. It could be in 2016, “says Caroline Christiansen.

The English translation of the menu items and features include intra for parents (Forældre), staff (Personale/Lærer) and students (Elev).

How to do it

The option to switch languages exists only in the ‘new’ SkoleIntra – which means it is not SkoleIntra ‘Classic’.

Click Indstillinger (Options) and then select the Sprog (Languages) tab – Choose ‘English‘:

If you choose English ForældreIntra will now be ParentIntra: